Order custom-made meals from chefs with Table 1

Table 1 connects chefs to customers so they can promote and sell their custom-made meals.

ABOUT Table 1

Discover local chefs and browse different menus

Whether you are a chef who wants to market your meals, a foodie who wants to try different meals made by professionals in their community, or simply someone who wants to get their meals delivered, Table 1 is here for you.

  • Showcase Your Creations

    If you are a chef, Table 1 makes it easy to add your meals in the listing by simply putting details and appetizing photos.

  • Search for Meals or Chefs

    Are you a customer looking for delicious meals? Browse for either dishes or a specific chef in the area and satisfy your cravings.

  • Order in a Few Clicks

    Save time preparing for a meal by ordering directly in the app.

  • Reviewing Meals

    Customers can rave about a great meal or let chefs know how they can improve more.

WHY USE Table 1

Find and order new flavors

Experience different flavors if you're a customer or let your meals reach a wider audience if you're a chef.

Clean Design

The app's design is clean and straightforward, making it user-friendly.

Data Security

We keep your data protected by giving only you access to all your important information.

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Notification Management

Receive notifications about your account and other app-related alerts.

Simplifying Quality Food Delivery

Download Table 1, sign up and select your orders from the list of meals made by professional chefs.


Get good food with Table 1

Table 1's user interface is simple and easy to navigate.


Share your experience

We want to know what you think about Table 1. Send us a message if you have questions or feedback about the app.